Anyone interested in having a long life should pay attention to the little things and signals their body sends. You do not have to wait until you are bedridden to seek an expert’s opinion. Did you suddenly get a health emergency during your visit to Sweden? Are you a Swede looking for an alternative to your previous health experts? You can check popular company review platforms like reviewsbird.se to find one.

Based on popular opinion and numerous customers’ recommendations, here are 5 of the most popular health brands in Sweden;

1. Medicover Hospitals

You can wish for nothing better than a multinational hospital treating you with its vast resources. With a long chain of hospitals that stretches from Europe to India, Medicover Hospitals is a world-known authority figure in medicine and everything health.

Their headquarters in Sweden is famous for all the right reasons – state-of-the-art equipment, qualified doctors, polite nurses, and a therapeutic environment. They also keep facilities such as fertility labs, cancer facilities, special care centers, and top-notch diagnostic laboratories.

2. Geras Solutions

Dementia has been one of the most difficult health challenges the world of medicine has ever encountered. However, the invention of new technology has brought the industry closer to new ways to combat it. Geras Solutions is popular for its use of AI to provide an accurate diagnosis for people with dementia. Their healthcare facility also provides tools to delay or prevent the cognitive decline that comes with dementia.

3. Phadia

Based in Uppsala, Sweden, Phadia is a healthcare giant that has established its root since its door was first opened in 1971. The brand mainly provides devices that can be used for healthcare diagnosis and disease monitoring. Their industry creates and sells these specially used devices for blood tests and monitoring autoimmune diseases.

4. Vardguiden 1177

Only people that have been in a medical emergency can truly appreciate the magic of dialing a number that can immediately bring the cavalry to your door. This is the healthcare service that Vardguiden offers its clients.

Their recent entrance into e- healthcare has improved their response time and activity even further. If you are in a medical emergency in Sweden, you should know the healthcare brand’s number to dial quickly.

5. Capio

Just like Medicover, Capio has branches in different countries across Europe. Their reputation precedes them according to how excited patients get when their name is mentioned.

The hospital has a known presence in France, Germany, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, all famous for their high bars in the field of medicine. Capio has proved itself, several times, to be quite versed in psychiatry, medicine, and surgery.


The five healthcare brands on this list were not chosen easily based on the long list of exceptional brands that Sweden can boast of. We believe you now know the appropriate brand to visit next time you are in Sweden. If you are also planning to change your brand to another, maybe you can decide which one to choose from on this list.